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Meet the Staff

Sue Levine, M.Ed., Assistant Director for Career ServicesSue Levine

Sue leads and manages GSAS Career Services for a broad array of arts and sciences graduate programs at Brandeis. Her role also includes building career connections and relationships with employers with the goal of expanding job development and on-campus recruitment activity. She also works with students and alumni in their career decision making and job seeking skills.

Sue joined GSAS Career Services in 2008 and loves working with such dedicated graduate school staff and motivated graduate students. She has previously held positions as Assistant Director for Career Services at Emerson College, Assistant Director of Career Services/Technology at Brandeis’ Hiatt Career Center, and Career Development Specialist at Quinsigamond Community College. Other professional experience includes Human Resources/Learning and Development Associate at the New England Division of the American Cancer Society and Computer Software Trainer for Catapult, Inc.

Sue is a proud Brandeis alum, having earned her Bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature from Brandeis. She received a Master of Education in College Student Affairs Administration from The University of Georgia.

Sue’s advice to students is to embrace informational interviewing. She views the ability to connect with working professionals while you are a student as an invaluable way to explore career options, make connections, uncover job and internship leads and “humanize” the job search process beyond a static resume or cv. The career decision making and job search process can seem overwhelming at times, but start the journey by taking “baby steps” and know that we are here to support students and alumni.

Erica Foss, M.A., Career Services Specialist

Erica serves as the right hand woman to Sue Levine in their slowly expanding office. Her role involves making connections with departments and programs on campus, expanding our online presence both on and off-campus, and she also works with students and alumni in their career decision making and job seeking skills.

Erica joined GSAS Career Services in 2016 and is so excited to bring her ideas and passion to such a talented group of scholars in the Brandeis community. She has worked as a career development volunteer for Graduate A&S, the President of the Graduate Association of Arts and Sciences at BC, and Career Graduate Assistant all at Boston College. She also has a background in Marketing and Management through private sector experience in Boston and Denver.

Erica has a strong background in Arts and Sciences, having spent the last 7 years at Boston College to earn a Ph.D. in History. She also holds an M.A. from Boston College and a B.A. in History and International Politics from the University of Denver.

Erica's best advice to graduate students is to continually ask "Why". She knows how easy it can be to feel locked into a career decision based on your degree, but there are so many avenues to explore. Asking Why--why am I in this program, why do I want this career, why am I passionate about this thing--not only helps us to refine our elevator pitch, it helps us to remember what motivates us and what we want to achieve. Career success is not about walking a set path, but about being fulfilled on your own terms, wherever that path leads.