Boston College, Boston University and Tufts University are the schools that participate in the cross-registration consortium. A full-time graduate student in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences may enroll in one graduate cross-registered course each term. Information on courses for cross-registration at each of the host institutions is available below.

A Brandeis student who wishes to enroll in a course at one of these schools should consult with the instructor in the particular course and should expect to satisfy the prerequisites and requirements normally required for admission to the course, including adherence to the academic calendar of that course. The transfer of credit to Brandeis for work done elsewhere requires approval by the student’s program, the associate dean for graduate education and a grade of B-minus or better. 

A course may also be taken without the expectation that credit will transfer because it complements a student’s program, is taught by outstanding faculty at the host institution or will advance a student’s graduate studies in some other way. 

To enroll in a graduate course at one of the host institutions, obtain a cross registration petition from the Brandeis registrar's office and present this petition to the Office of the University Registrar of the host institution.

Boston College  

Graduate level courses are typically at the 500 level and above. The course schedule is available online. 

Boston University  

Students interested in courses at BU should read their procedures for cross-registration within the consortium (the procedures apply to both undergraduates and graduate students). The BU class schedule is available online.

Graduate credit is given for courses at the 500 level or higher. Please note that 500-level classes for graduate students or advanced undergraduates are listed under the college rubric CAS; graduate courses at the 600 level or higher are listed under the graduate school rubric GRS. A grade of B-minus or higher is considered passing at the graduate level.

Tufts University

Graduate level courses at Tufts are listed as 100 or 200 level courses. The course schedule is available online.