Past Award Winners

Jonathan Sarna 2014
Jonathan Sarna
ChaeRan Y. Freeze 2013
ChaeRan Y. Freeze
Wendy Cadge 2012
Wendy Cadge
Michael Willrich 2011
Michael Willrich
Allan Keiler 2010
Allan Keiler
derek isaacowitz 2009
Derek Isaacowitz
jacqueline jones 2008
Jacqueline Jones
American History
john plotz 2007
John Plotz
English and American Literature
jane kamensky 2006
Jane Kamensky
karen hansen 2005
Karen V. Hansen

Dean of Arts and Sciences Mentoring Award

Nominations have closed for the 2015 Mentoring Award cycle. Please check this page next year to submit a nomination.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

The Dean of Arts and Sciences Mentoring Award is an annual award of $1,000 for “outstanding ability as a mentor” by a member of the faculty involved in the supervision of graduate students enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Outstanding mentorship can be assessed by the mentor’s ability to:

  • Inspire excellent academic performance from students
  • Advise and guide research
  • Organize an effective environment for research and scholarship
  • Develop talents such as research skills, teaching ability, presentations, writing and preparation of grant and fellowship applications
  • Sponsor students in the academic and professional community
  • Interact effectively with students
  • Respond to students' academic and personal needs
  • Provide career guidance and help students find professionally relevant employment
  • Serve as a successful role model
Criteria and Award Overview
  1. Eligible candidates must be currently active faculty who are involved in the supervision of graduate students.
  2. Nominators must be currently enrolled Brandeis GSAS students or GSAS alumni who are direct beneficiaries of the mentoring skills of the candidate whom they nominate.
  3. Each nominator may solicit up to two additional letters of support from other students who have been mentored by the nominee.
  4. All nominations will be kept strictly confidential.
  5. Nominations should be submitted through the online submission form. Nominees should indicate how mentoring enhanced their graduate education and professional and personal development. You may consult the list of mentor attributes [above] for possible qualities you may wish to cite. Please provide specific examples of your nominee’s mentoring skills in your letter.
  6. The committee that will review nominations and make recommendations to the Dean of Arts and Sciences for a winner will be composed of one member of the Graduate Council, one member of the Committee for the Support of Teaching, two graduate students and the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.