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Programs of Study


Four-Year Bachelor's/Master's Programs

About the Programs
The four-year bachelor's/master's programs are designed to enable exceptional Brandeis undergraduates to earn two degrees simultaneously during their period of study at Brandeis. At present, participating four-year programs are biochemistry, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and neuroscience.

Requirements for the bachelor's degree, defined by the College of Arts and Sciences, remain unaffected by participation in this program. Students who successfully complete the four-year program will receive the simultaneous award of the bachelor's and master's degrees.

Admission Information
Admission Semester: Fall only

Application Deadlines: May 1 of the student’s junior year

Admission Requirements
: To apply for all four-year bachelor’s/master’s programs, you must submit in one package to Jaclyn Farina, Associate Director of Admission, GSAS, MS 031, Kutz Hall 2nd Floor:

  • A hard-copy application to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Please note: you may not submit an electronic application for the four-year dual programs.)
  • Official Brandeis undergraduate transcripts. Please submit a request to the registrar for an official copy of your transcript to date.
  • One letter of recommendation from a Brandeis faculty member. This should be submitted in a sealed envelope from the professor with your complete application.
  • A brief statement of purpose outlining the reasons you are seeking the dual degree and why you feel you are qualified to enroll in the master’s program. For students applying to the sciences, you should also briefly outline your research topics.

Financial Aid
Financial aid is not awarded to four-year bachelor’s/master’s students.  Instead, any financial assistance you will receive comes directly from the undergraduate Office of Student Financial Services