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  • The Institute is designed to enable participants to develop knowledge, skills, and understandings needed by directors of Hebrew instruction in Hebrew charter schools or other comparable settings.

Brandeis Hebrew Charter School Institute

Hebrew School Kids

The Brandeis Hebrew Charter School Institute trains Hebrew Language Coordinators to oversee and develop the Hebrew instructional program at their school and especially to help Hebrew teachers strengthen their instructional practice, develop curriculum, and assess student learning. 

Highlights of the Institute’s training program:

  • Consists of six courses offered during two summer terms and the intervening school year, when institute participants continue their training online as they work with colleagues at their schools. Courses reflect the program's two main foci – teaching and learning Hebrew as a second language and the professional development of teachers
  • In the first summer session, held at Middlebury College, participants will study "Hebrew as a Second Language" with Professor Vardit Ringvald, the Director of the Brandeis Hebrew Program. They also take their first course on working with teachers, "Improving Teaching and Learning in the Classroom Setting." 
  • The school year is structured around two distance learning courses: one centered on an instructional leadership practicum and the second on leadership in curriculum and assessment.
  • The second summer session is held at Brandeis University. Participants take two courses: "Hebrew Language and Hebrew Culture," and "Adult Learning and School Change."
  • Institute participants who work in Hebrew Charter School Center's network of schools receive support and supervision on-site from Shlomit Lipton, Director of Hebrew Educational Services at Hebrew Charter School Center (HCSC). 

The Brandeis Hebrew Charter School Institute is generously supported by the Hebrew Charter School Center, which has been instrumental in creating a number of Hebrew Charter Schools in the U.S., and continues to support the development of new ones. These public charter schools offer a special focus on learning Hebrew language and culture to students with diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Hebrew charter schools are currently educating children in Brooklyn, NY and in East Brunswick, NJ. New Hebrew language charter schools will be opening in September 2013 in Harlem, NY, Washington, D.C., San Diego and Los Angeles, CA. 

Admission Requirements:

The application deadline for the Brandeis Hebrew Charter School Institute is rolling.

To apply for the program, you need to submit:

  • An online application;
  • An application fee; waived upon request by selecting HCSC on the final page of the application;
  • Transcripts from all universities and colleges attended must be uploaded to your application; do not mail official transcripts to our office. For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page;
  • Two letters of recommendation, submitted electronically. One letter should be from your current principal or supervisor;
  • curriculum vitae (CV) or resumé that lists all colleges and universities attended, experiences with teaching, primary extracurricular activities and employment, detailing particularly those relevant to teaching in a charter school; any honors or prizes awarded; and community service, publications or research projects with which you have been associated;
  • A short statement of purpose indicating your reasons for undertaking study in the Institute and what you would like to accomplish during your time at Brandeis.