GSAS on the Road

Come meet us on the road! Admissions representatives will travel throughout the world this year to meet with prospective students in the following cities:

Summer 2013

July 13:  SUNY at Buffalo: McNair Scholars

July 19:  Andover, MA: IRT

August 2: UC Berkeley, CA: McNair Scholars 


Fall 2013

September 11-13:  Istanbul, Turkey: European Association for International Education

September 16: New York City, NY: Idealist

September 23: Philadelphia, PA: Idealist

September 25: Boston, MA: Idealist

October 1: Washington, DC: Idealist

October 3: Ann Arbor, MI: Idealist

October 8: Chicago, IL: Idealist

November 6: San Francisco, CA: Idealist

December 3: Hamburg, Germany: Master's and More

December 5: Berlin, Germany: Master's and More