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Email the Rose's Collection Manager Joe Leduc.

For Faculty

Teaching at the Rose

The Rose Art Museum supports teaching and research at Brandeis University, serving as a laboratory for the exploration of art in relation to a range of disciplines. Collaborations with faculty result in course-specific lesson plans using art from temporary exhibitions and the permanent collection.

Faculty may schedule guided or self-guided class visits (see below) by contacting Joe Leduc, Collections Manager (, x63438) at least three weeks in advance to ensure your chosen time and space does not overlap with another class or public program. Please note that if your class meets outside open hours, the museum needs to arrange security coverage and possibly an art handler, which can take several weeks to arrange. Advance notice ensures that we will be able to meet your needs.

Classes are held in the galleries. Works of art from storage can be temporarily displayed in the Lee Gallery. The Director of Academic Programs can help you develop a list of artworks, which needs to be finalized at least three weeks prior to your class visit. Please note that for conservation reasons, some works of art may not be available for viewing.

Some spaces in the museum can accommodate only limited numbers of students; in those areas, we recommend splitting large classes into smaller groups and rotating activities.

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How do I plan a guided visit?

The Director of Academic Programs can tailor visits to fit specific course needs, including working with you to develop a suitable lesson plan. Usually, classes held in the museum are discussion-based and focus on a few works of art of particular relevance to a course’s major concepts or questions.

For examples of class activities in the museum and suggestions for your class, contact the Director of Academic Programs, who will work with you to create the best possible experience for your students.


How do I plan a self-guided visit?

If you would like to bring your class to the museum but do not require pedagogical support, please schedule your visit with the Director of Academic Programs at least three weeks in advance. If you would like to view objects in the collection currently in storage, please also submit a request for works of art at least three weeks in advance. If you need help compiling a list, contact the Director of Academic Programs, who can meet with you to help identify appropriate objects.


Guidelines for all class visits

When visiting the museum, we ask that your class observe and follow museum rules and regulations, which are designed with the protection of the artworks in mind. It would be helpful if you could familiarize your students with these basic rules in advance of your class.

  • Deposit all large bags, packages and backpacks at the coat rack upon entering the museum.
  • No food or drink (including water bottles) is permitted in the museum.
  • Only pencils may be used to take notes in the museum (no pens please!).
  • Do not touch the artwork and refrain from pointing or gesticulating close to the work.
  • Do not touch or lean on the walls of the museum or gallery cases or tables where art may be shown. The museum can provide clipboards on request.

In all cases, the directions of the museum staff (including gallery guides) must be followed.