Opportunities for Students

Former curatorial interns Sarah McCarty '15 and Sofia Retta '15

Former curatorial interns Sarah McCarty '15 and Sofia Retta '15.


The Rose offers summer and year-long curatorial internships to Brandeis students interested in exploring the potential of a museum career. During the open application window for these positions, descriptions and application deadlines will be posted on this page — please check back as summer approaches!


SCRAM (Student Committee for the Rose Art Museum) is a student group that works closely with the Rose Art Museum to organize events for the Brandeis student body. 

Funded through the generous contributions of Mr. Alex Barkas '68 and his wife, Ms. Lynda Wijcik, the goal of this committee is to strengthen the relationship between the Rose and Brandeis students. 

SCRAM events expose students to the Rose who may be unfamiliar with the museum as well as provide students with opportunities for more in-depth interaction with the museum and its collection. Additionally, SCRAM serves as the voice of the student body to the Rose Art Museum, communicating student interests and opinions.

Past events include SCRAM JAM (a dance party held at the museum), Gallery Talks, Study Night at the Rose, Yoga in the Rose, and live music performances.

The Rose is now hiring a new head of SCRAM. Download the position description (PDF) for further details.

Students, if you are interested in being a part of SCRAM or getting SCRAM involved in an event you are planning, please email Deputy Director Kristin Parker.

To learn more about SCRAM and to keep current with events please visit the SCRAM Facebook page

Gallery Guide Program

The Gallery Guide Program at the Rose Art Museum is a pilot project intended to model what a future department of Museum Education might include. At present, the museum does not have a dedicated Education curator and relies on the expertise of a highly experienced consultant, Nicole Claris, Manager of School Programs at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, who provides rigorous training for students interested in the visual arts and museum pedagogies.

The Gallery Guide Program invites students as volunteers to meet weekly in Pollock or the Rose Art Museum. Participants will be exposed to the field of museum education through sessions which will include training in Visual Thinking Strategies, practical discussions and role-playing, and meetings with museum professionals from the Rose.

This program is an excellent opportunity to:

  • Build confidence as a leader
  • Develop expertise as a public speaker
  • Meet with others to talk about art and its value to community
  • Develop close looking techniques which will enhance critical thinking and observational skills, which may be applied in all fields of study


  • Access to the museum during quiet hours
  • Opportunity to meet with professionals in the museum field
  • Invitations to meet with visiting artists
  • Behind-the-scenes looks at museum operations
  • Impact: Contribute critical observations that will inform the future of museum operations

Nicole Claris and cc: Kristin Parker.