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Hope Springs EternalClare Rojas: Hope Springs Eternal

Rojas, a native of Columbus, Ohio, incorporates different media styles of painting, installations, film, printmaking, quilting, and music in a complementary fashion. The Rojas show, curated and organized by The Rose’s chief curator, Raphaela Platow, will be featured in the Rose Building.

Rojas’s work is influenced by American folk art, particularly by the history, material, and aesthetics of quilts. Her paintings usually include themes surrounding women and animals in stylized landscapes. In her imaginary pieces, the artist uniquely interprets the relationship between men and women, humans and animals, and humans and nature. “Rojas’s enigmatic landscapes renegotiate gender roles and the representation of women in a compassionate, humorous way,” Platow said.

The Rose Building
September 21, 2006 - April 1, 2007

Image Credit: Clare Rojas, Bird Throated, 2005, Gouache and latex on panel, Courtesy of the artist.