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Sarah WalkerSarah Walker: Paintings

Sarah Walker’s exhibition at The Rose will be the first one-person museum exhibition of the Boston painter. The artist’s work encapsulates numerous different spatial systems based on patterns and diagrams found within the sciences, technology, nature, and architecture as well as the virtual spaces of the internet and the mind. These different systems in Walker’s paintings are layered on top of each other, while deeper layers fade into the background but never disappear. The interweaving and cross-communication of dissimilar patterns form a moiré effect on the mind. Ultimately, the artist’s paintings address a need for finding ways to visualize the experience of multiple and ever more permeable realities. "How does the mind consolidate an image that combines both the physical and the virtual?" Walker inquires. "How does it manage to have the visual terms of both the inner and outer landscapes coexist simultaneously? It is here, in this nexus of physical and virtual space that I aim to build a new set of terms for thinking and being."

The Mildred S. Lee Gallery
April 27 – July 30, 2006

Image Credit: Sarah Walker, Transit Section IV, 2002, Acrylic on paper, 68 x 52 inches.