• Program length: 2 years (1 year undergraduate and 1 year graduate)
  • Credits: 64 (32 in undergraduate year and 32 in graduate year)
  • Concentrations: applied economic analysis, data analytics, financial economics, marketing, real estate finance
  • Stem-designated


  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at end of junior year
  • Minimum “B” grade in each of the following required courses to be completed by the end of junior year:
    • Macroeconomics
    • Microeconomics
    • Statistics
  • Completion of undergraduate degree within four years


All Brandeis IBS Scholars receive a scholarship which covers 25% of the tuition for their graduate year of study. Brandeis IBS Scholars are also automatically considered for additional merit-based scholarships.


What exactly is the Brandeis IBS Scholars Program?
The Brandeis IBS Scholars Program provides access to many benefits of the International Business School as well as an exciting pathway for students interested in earning an MA in International Economics and Finance in only one additional year of graduate study, instead of two.
Do I need to major in economics and/or business?
Students from any academic background can participate in the program, and do not need to major in economics or business. Those who are interested in the global economy, envision themselves making an impact in the business world or who value a strong theoretical and practical foundation in finance and economics, regardless of academic major, are ideal for this program.
Do I have to stay at Brandeis for five years to earn my undergraduate degree?
No, students earn their undergraduate degree upon completion of the University’s requirements, usually in four years. They then have the option of continuing into the graduate portion of the program for a fifth year upon graduation.
What graduate classes will I take as I complete my undergraduate degree?
Typically, economics or business majors will take four graduate courses during their final two semesters. Students who major in other areas may need to take additional courses (up to eight graduate courses).
When do I confirm my interest in continuing in the program?
In their junior year, students verify that they have fulfilled all of the program requirements and are interested in continuing in the BA/MA program beginning their senior year. Should their academic plans change, students can also opt out of the program through their junior year.