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The BA/MBA Program is a unique 5 1/2-year degree program that allows Brandeis undergraduates to earn their BA or BS plus a Master of Business Administration (MBA). The challenging curriculum incorporates both quantitative and qualitative coursework and ensures you’re on the fast track to global business and leadership success.


Accelerate Your Career

Brandeis undergraduates can increase their starting salary by more than 60 percent if they earn a master's degree at the International Business School. The Average U.S. salary and bonus for BA/MA, BA/MSBA and BA/MBA graduates in 2022 was $99,153— or $38,587 more than the average Brandeis undergraduate salary.

Same MBA offerings, Shorter Time

The program provides candidates with the opportunity to earn our MBA degree in just one and a half years of study. Brandeis students apply to the BA/MBA program in their senior year.

Practical Learning

The MBA program is highly customized for students seeking to launch or advance careers in marketing, finance, data analytics, real estate or general business.

Ranked Among the Best in the World

The Princeton Review has ranked our MBA among the best in the world for 11 years.


Study in a program that lets international students extend a 12-month post-graduate practical training experience by an additional 24 months. Learn more.

Supportive Community

Contact our student ambassadors with any questions about the student experience. Current students, staff and faculty are all here to support you in your journey to become a graduate of the International Business School.

Your Global Career

BA/MBA alumni work at companies such as Capital One, CITIC Securities and Trilia Media.

Galen Karlan-Mason

Alumni Spotlight

Galen Karlan-Mason ’16, MBA ’18
Founder, GreenChoice

While at the International Business School, Karlan-Mason and fellow student Rafael Martins Guimãres launched their own sustainability-focused business, GreenChoice.

BA/MBA Curriculum

Curriculum requirements for the BA/MBA program are identical to those of the 2-year MBA program.

Students in this program transfer 16 credits from their BA or BS to the MBA. Students work closely with the MBA Program Advisor to review their academic goals and to develop individual curriculum plans based on the undergraduate coursework they've completed. Students then complete the remaining 48 credits in three graduate semesters.

Undergraduate Equivalencies

Students who have taken undergraduate courses that are equivalent to graduate requirements may transfer these courses or be exempt from these requirements if they have met the maximum transfer limit.

Undergraduate Course

International Business School Equivalent

BUS 6a Financial Accounting* 

*Does not count for graduate credit, but allows for exemption

FIN 212a Accounting and Financial Analysis

BUS 113a Intermediate Financial Accounting

FIN 213a Intermediate Financial Accounting

BUS 114a Managerial Accounting

FIN 214a Managerial Accounting

BUS 120a Organizational Behavior in Business

BUS 220a Organizational Behavior

BUS 130a Entrepreneurship

BUS 230a Entrepreneurship

BUS 135a Real Estate & Society

BUS 235f Real Estate Fundamentals

BUS 152a Marketing Management

BUS 252a Marketing Management

BUS 153a Marketing Research

BUS 253a Marketing Research

BUS 117a Corporate Finance

FIN 202a Corporate Finance

BUS 155a Consumer Behavior

BUS 255a Consumer Behavior

BUS 172a Operations Management

BUS 272a Operations Management

BA/MBA students are encouraged to use 16-20 of their elective credits to complete one of five concentrations:


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