Class Correspondent

Carolyn Feigenbaum recently returned from an enjoyable trip to Berlin. Herb and Ruth Jacobson Gamberg ’56 stay involved in social issues, including Israel/Palestine affairs. Herb also writes about political issues, “especially now with the deepening of fascistic tendencies in the United States,” he says. “Having lived in Canada for 52 years, I’m pleased to say the political situation here is a whole lot better.” Sherwood Gorbach and his wife, Judy ’58, recently moved permanently to Los Angeles to be close to their daughter Pamina, a professor of public health at UCLA, and her 9-year-old twins. Sherry and Judy both enjoy singing — Sherry as a first tenor and Judy as an enthusiastic first soprano. Sherry writes, “We look forward to the warmer weather and pleasant lifestyle of Southern California, and hope to re-establish our friendships with some of our Brandeis classmates and associates.” Susan Kaplan reports the passing of her husband, Dick, on Oct. 15 from late-stage dementia. “We had 55 years together — lots of good times, travel, two children and two grandchildren,” she writes. She says she keeps busy and is fortunate to be in good health. Elaine Ostroff writes she remains happily active in “walkable” Natick, Massachusetts: “I enjoy being a town meeting member and vice chair of the Commission on Disability, and attending great exercise classes. I would like to connect with former Roosevelt House dwellers. I regularly walk past Sawin Street and think about Sylvia ’56 and Clark Sawin ’54.” David Zimmerman is working on a memoir.

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