Class Correspondent

David Bernhard received his official commission as a Fairfax (Virginia) Circuit Court judge in September. A naturalized U.S. citizen born in El Salvador, David has been an attorney for more than 27 years. Andrew Cohen is president and CEO of MasterPeace Solutions, a cybersecurity contracting company. Howard Cutler married Holly Quesnel on Dec. 2 in Manchester, Vermont. He is CEO of Perfect Credit Consulting in Norwalk, Connecticut. Son Max is a junior at Penn State, and daughter Jordan is deciding on which college to attend next year. Rebecca Laszlo spent 10 months as a property manager for two homeless and low-income properties. She is now looking for a new role in the effort to end homelessness in the Seattle area. Mimi Lind has a 9-year-old son and is the director of behavioral health at Venice Family Clinic. A 23-year resident of Los Angeles, she is interested in connecting with LA-based classmates. Brian Saber runs Asking Matters, a web-based company that trains nonprofits in how to ask for money. Recently, he conducted training for the U.S. Olympic Committee, Volunteers of America and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. His first book on asking comes out in the spring. Olivier Sultan is a literary agent at CAA, representing writers, directors and composers. He lives on Manhattan’s Lower East Side with his (sometimes) adorable daughter, Amelie. David Zinn says he was thrilled to celebrate when Steve Shikiar (“Sandwich Man”) married his high-school girlfriend. Wedding attendees included David Klyde, Scott Rutchik, David Steiner and Adam Tattelbaum. Scott, David S. and Adam, who all began their college careers at Brandeis, are now doctors.

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