Class Correspondent

Jules Bernstein launched an online petition that seeks to have President Donald Trump censured by both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. More than 56,000 people have signed so far. The petition is at censuredonaldtrump. com. Robin Brooks sends “praise and appreciation to all those involved with planning and conducting the multiple components of the 60th Reunion. As a retired major-events planner, I know the meticulous effort required, mostly behind the scenes, to ensure the success of such a complex undertaking. It was a bravura accomplishment. I hope the 70th will come soon, before I get even older!” Rabbi David Kline and his wife, Barbara, live in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, with their children just minutes away. Their eldest, Avram, teaches English at the Lyons School, which he helped found, and is preparing his second book of poems. Daughter Aliza created and runs One Table, which encourages people to share Shabbat dinners. And Shira, who sings and teaches, is founder and partner at Storahtelling-Lab/Shul, where David blows shofar. Arnold Rovner continues to be grateful for his Brandeis experience and the opportunity to learn from Abraham Maslow, Herbert Marcuse, Abram Sachar, Max Lerner, Benny Friedman, Ludwig Lewisohn and so many others. He writes, “I have great memories of frequenting Saldi’s for beer and pizza, Sno-Balls, Hi Charlie productions, and Ralph Norman and Cholmondeley taking pictures of us all. It was a grand and glorious time, and I am happy I experienced it.”

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