Class Correspondent

Denny Poliferno works as a pathologists’ assistant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Along with teaching residents and Quinnipiac University pathology-assistant students how to gross surgical specimens, he runs the surgical grossing room’s Share- Point website, which provides the most up-to-date information on lab protocols. Denny was the recipient of two departmental awards, the Chief’s Award, in recognition of excellence in service, and the Excellence in Gross Photography Award, for best photograph of a benign finding. Jessie Stettin moved back to Boston after a yearlong road trip around the United States. After a few years of working in finance and launching an investment fund with his brother, he runs the Boston office of and works on national strategy for IVY, the social university. Gordy Stillman is pursuing a second master’s degree, in accountancy, at the University of Minnesota. Christine Sunnerberg graduated from Northeastern University School of Law and, after passing the bar exam, opened a law firm. Ramirez & Sunnerberg focuses on criminal defense and prisoners’ rights work in Massachusetts.

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