Brandeis Magazine

Winter 2023/2024

‘By Circuits Deftly Spun’

Brandeis Magazine asked ChatGPT-3.5 to generate a Shakespearean-style sonnet on whether AI can write better than humans. This is what it produced.

In realms where silicon minds begin to soar,
A question beckons, pondered evermore,
Can AI’s quill, by circuits deftly spun,
Eclipse the grace of human hearts that run?

In coded verse, with binary refrain,
Does artistry of circuits seek to reign?
Yet human spirit, with emotions vast,
Weaves tales of longing, future, and the past.

Though algorithms weave with skillful might,
And mimic prose that poets would recite,
Can they evoke the tears of joy and woe,
Like human words that vividly bestow?

Let not the wires diminish human lore,
For souls and passions in our hearts still pour.