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Winter 2023/2024

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A group of Brandeis alumni pose on the beach. The person in front holds a Brandeis pennant.
BEACH BUFFERS: In August, a generation-spanning group of alumni joined forces to help clean up San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. The effort, organized by Ariel Meave-Ohrt, GSAS MA’13, and Zoe Hertz ’20, was inspired by Brandeis’ Global Service Initiative, which invites all Brandeisians to participate in some form of community service, with the goal of contributing 75,000 acts of service during the university’s 75th-anniversary year.

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Alumni Profiles

Rima Tahini

When she graduated from Brandeis, Rima Tahini ’16, who is from Sierra Leone and now lives in Nigeria, had a clear career goal: to make a contribution to African culture.

Jackson Holbert

Poet Jackson Holbert ’17 says that, unlike the “famous triple majors,” he entered his first year at Brandeis laser-focused, ready to pursue the only thing he felt he wasn’t “terrible at.”

Logo: Brandeis BOLD9 Presented by the Alumni Association

Last spring, the Brandeis University Alumni Association honored nine graduates from the previous 10 years who are already making positive changes in the world through their work.

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Alumni News

Jolecia Saunderson ’24 and Shakiva Pierre ’07

An experienced mentor can dissolve the mist around a professional goal, show students what a particular career is like, and help them navigate their way.

Amy Cohen

Become involved with Brandeis. You’ll reap many rewards if you do.

Brandeis 75th Anniversary Logo

In October, more than 3,000 Brandeisians came to campus for a three-day celebration of the university’s 75th anniversary.

A bride and groom laugh while sitting on a bench surrounded by flowers

Brandeis alumni celebrate weddings and other major milestones.