Brandeis Magazine

Winter 2023/2024

Enduring Values

From the Senior Vice President

“To be great, a university must express the people whom it serves, and must express the people and the community at their best. The aim must be high and the vision broad; the goal seemingly attainable but beyond immediate reach.”

Hannah Peters

Hannah Peters

When Louis Brandeis penned these words, could he have imagined “the people and the community” his namesake university would reach, serve, and represent nearly a century later? Could he have imagined its graduates would live in all 50 states and 34 countries; would win Nobel Prizes, Abel Prizes, Pulitzer Prizes, Emmys, Tonys, and Oscars; would be schoolteachers and university presidents, filmmakers and journalists, volunteers, rabbis, doctors, and lawyers?

As we reflect on 75 years of academic brilliance, groundbreaking research, and unwavering commitment to repairing the world, Justice Brandeis’ words echo. From the very first cohort to our most-recent graduates, your collective accomplishments are a testament to the enduring values and exceptional education that define Brandeis.

This year especially, we invite you to reconnect, reminisce, and rekindle your ties to Brandeis. Share your stories. Continue the dialogue and debate that have been a hallmark of the Brandeis experience. Our grand 75th-anniversary weekend has come and gone, but the party goes on all year with events on campus and around the world. Please join us at one of them, in part to reflect on what Justice Brandeis’ admonition means today and what it will mean in the future. Whom do we serve? Who is our community?

Thank you for your constant support, dedication, and engagement with the world, and with Brandeis. Here’s to 75 years of excellence, and to continuing to aim high.

With warm regards,

Hannah Peters
Senior Vice President of Institutional Advancement