New digs: First resident moves in at Skyline

Sagie Tvizer ’19 might be the most famous Community Advisor at Brandeis

Sagie Tvizer enters room
Photo/Mike Lovett

Sagie Tvizer unlocks the door to his room in Skyline for the first time

Sagie Tvizer ’19 might be the most famous Community Advisor at Brandeis.

On Aug. 14, the Plainsboro, New Jersey native became the first person in university history to move into Skyline, Brandeis’ newest residence hall.

Skyline, which will primarily house sophomores, gets its name from the panorama of Boston and surrounding communities visible from many of its windows. The new building encompasses an impressive array of features meant to accommodate student housing, academic work and social interaction across four fully-accessible floors. A slideshow of photos showcases Skyline's features and architectural charm.

Tvizer, a politics and history double major, is also a Community Advisor (CA) for Skyline’s second floor residents. Skyline’s inaugural inhabitants are in good hands: Tvizer has been a CA for three years and prides himself on paying close attention to his residents’ needs.

BrandeisNOW caught up with Tvizer to get his perspective on Skyline and serving as a CA:

BrandeisNOW: What made you want to be a CA?

Sagie Tvizer: I was definitely inspired, I think, by my CAs during my first year. They both made me feel so welcome even though I was nervous and anxious about starting college. They really created a sense of community and I think I’ve always wanted to pass that on.

BNOW: What are your thoughts on being the first resident of Skyline?

ST: It’s really exciting. I have a little dream of someday being a professor at Brandeis and telling my students on the first day, “’sup, I was the first resident of Skyline.”
Boston skyline
Photo/Mike Lovett

The Boston skyline is visible from many of the building's windows, including Saige's, hence the name

BNOW: Was Skyline high on the list of places CAs wanted to be placed?

ST: Oh yes, everyone had Skyline on their list. When I tell my friends about how I was picked to be a Skyline CA they think it’s really cool. Being a senior in this place is exciting. I also think it’s special that Skyline is on land that was formerly part of the Castle, which was a centerpiece of the Brandeis campus. Now Skyline can take that role as a centerpiece of the campus, which makes being the building’s first resident really cool.

BNOW: What do you like most about Skyline?

ST: I like the community spaces and the new multi-purpose room with the kitchen and the audio/visual equipment. I think it affords a lot of freedom for students to hang out or put on programs that don’t have to be restricted by space.

BNOW: Does your room have a view of the Boston skyline?

ST: There are views of the Boston skyline throughout the building, on just about every floor and hallway. I can see it from my window, but you have to crane your neck just a little bit.

BNOW: Do you plan on working the building’s character into programming for your residents?

ST: Two words: puns, and puns. I’m going to make some puns about Skyline for my residents. I also want to have door decorations centered on skylines and bulletin boards with educational programming about events and campus resources.

skyline courtyard view
Photo/Mike Lovett

A view of Skyline's courtyard, plus a tiny glimpse of Usen Castle's turret

BNOW: What sort of puns?

ST: You’re putting me on the spot for a pun. How about “Skyline, Sky-fine?” Maybe not that one, I suppose it’s a bit cringe-worthy.

BNOW: How far can you take the Skyline theme?

ST: This is my first time not working with first-years as a CA. I do want to put skylines of different cities as door decorations for all my residents. In that vein, I am also interested in working with the Office of Study Abroad to construct programming that could be helpful for sophomores looking to go overseas in their junior or senior years.

BNOW: What makes for a good CA?

ST: I think a good CA has a really solid sense of what residents need. You have to be empathetic, observant and present.

BNOW: What’s the coolest thing in your room?

ST: I have bubbles. But these aren’t one-dollar bubbles, they’re 10-dollar bubbles, so they don’t pop easily. They’re very high end. When you see bubbles coming out of my doorway, it means I’m home and you can stop by and say hi or ask for help.

BNOW: Do you have an idea for your first CA event?

ST: I’ll probably break Skyline in with an ice-cream party. I think it’s one of the best ways to mobilize new residents to meet their peers. I might do something educational too that’s centered on healthy eating or sustainability. But the key is the ice-cream.

BNOW: Though Skyline is primarily a sophomore residence hall, do you see it being a social hub for other students, too?

ST: I most definitely do. Again, that multi-purpose room really is an exciting feature. I think it will welcome all sorts of clubs and teams in, which means more than just sophomores will use the space. Everyone is welcome and that’s exciting.

skyline from courtyard
Photo/Mike Lovett

A view of Skyline from the south.

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