Watch: Ava Faria '24 goes back to school

Faria '24 returned to her alma mater, Our Sisters' School, for a full-circle internship experience.


Faria '24 spent the summer working with students, teaching and programming. This internship was made possible by Hiatt Center's World of Work Fellowship program.

Internships can provide students with amazing opportunities and experience, but they aren’t always financially accessible. The World of Work Fellowship changes that for Brandeis students. 

Overseen by the Hiatt Career Center, WOW provides a stipend to students participating in unpaid summer internships. Since its founding in 2008, over 500 Brandeis students have participated in this competitive program, experiencing the summer of a lifetime in internships across the world. 

This year, 45 students received stipends of up to $6,000 to participate in internships at a wide range of workplaces, from federal and state government offices, to a zoo and a caterpillar lab. 

“Hands-on learning during internships plays a critical role in helping students discover what comes next in their careers,” said Jon Schlesinger, Director of Hiatt. “We’re incredibly thankful to our donors who’ve made these vital experiences more attainable for so many Brandeis students.”

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