Helping students identify who they are, what they want and how to get there.
At the Hiatt Career Center, we believe that choosing a “career” isn’t about finding one job or making one decision. You will find that throughout your professional life that plans, situations and goals; change - and you’ll need to harness your adaptability, creativity and resiliency.

By helping you discover your skills, passions and interests while developing strategies to successfully pursue career opportunities, Hiatt connects you with majors, employment opportunities, career experts, professionally-focused events and activities, graduate and professional schools and much more. We collaborate with you throughout your career journey from your first days as a new student on campus, at graduation and beyond as a professional. So whether you are settling down in Boston, moving to the west coast or taking your Brandeisian spirit across the globe, know that Hiatt has you covered; forever.

COVID-19 Operations

Updated (6/2021): We are committed to keeping you safe, healthy, informed and connected to our services during this challenging time. Hiatt will continue to operate virtually throughout the summer months. Meet with us over Zoom or by phone to go over application materials, plans for graduate school, exploring post-graduation options and more. 

Students, faculty and staff coming to campus should comply with all measures required within the Campus Passport, including testing and taking the Daily Health Assessment. For complete information, visit the COVID-19 Response website.

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No matter where you are in the discovery, planning or search process, Hiatt will meet you at any stage in your career development journey. Whether you are a first-year still weighing what majors would be a good fit, to a seasoned senior ready to hit send on those job applications, we are here for it all. Engage with us through appointments, major career fairs, events and activities, networking and mentorship programs with alumni and much more. Get started by reviewing the undergraduate career resources located on the left navigation or make an appointment below to learn more about Hiatt and how we can help.

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Regardless of when you graduated, where in the world you live, or how many twists and turns your career path has taken (intentional or unexpected!), Hiatt is committed to providing free lifelong career services and comprehensive resources to all undergraduate alumni of Brandeis University.

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There is a multitude of ways in which employers can connect, recruit and engage with Brandeis students. Learn how to post jobs and internships, attend career fairs and events and increase your brand presence on campus.

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Partnerships between the Hiatt Career Center, faculty and staff blend resources, expertise and support for students throughout their career development. We work to foster relationships with departments and offices to effectively provide career-related information, programs, resources and collaboration opportunities.

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Even though your Brandeis student may be away from home, you still play an essential role in their career development and decisions. We encourage students to meet with us early and often, while offering a number of activities, events and resources to help support them during their time at Brandeis and beyond. Parents and families can learn more about what we offer and how to get involved as a volunteer through our website.

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