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Genomics Master’s Certificate

Program Snapshot

Broaden understanding of human health and disease

Bioinformatics is rapidly changing the course of human health and history. Scientists and researchers use data like never before to save countless lives each day. Bioinformatics fuels new discoveries for treating cancer and other diseases, identifying underlying genetic causes, and accelerating vaccinations. The field provides the foundation for personalized medicine and therapeutic breakthroughs that dramatically improve health outcomes.

The Brandeis GPS online master's certificate in Genomics will prepare you to thrive in rewarding biotechnology and pharmaceutical careers or deepen your programming knowledge in this fascinating field. After completing the Genomics Master’s Certificate, you will have the option to apply your course credit to the MS in Bioinformatics, and expand your current career responsibilities to apply bioinformatics data and analyses in the context of genomics.

Small classes mean you get personalized attention from instructors who are practicing scientists and researchers.

The Master's Certificate in Genomics will prepare you to:

  • Perform biological sequence analysis leveraging Python, R, and common bioinformatics data sources
  • Apply and validate bioinformatics data models using large genomic datasets
  • Analyze and apply basic NGS analysis toward identifying biological insights and drug discovery