Brandeis Online

Career Development

Brandeis Online career development follows a similar approach to how we deliver learning in our academic programs – accessible and fully remote for the online learner. Brandeis Online leverages key university platforms and resources to provide comprehensive professional development resources specifically for our learners. 

B Connect

B Connect is a powerful networking and mentorship hub available exclusively to the Brandeis community. This association welcomes approximately 800 new graduates each year and offers a variety of valuable benefits and services for alumni — from discounted insurance rates and tickets to career guidance and services — there are plenty of reasons to take advantage of the benefits to which all Brandeis graduates are automatically entitled.

The B Connect platform allows Brandeis Online learners to learn of job opportunities, relevant events and resources, and other updates. Learners can also use B Connect to make connections with fellow peers and alumni, including facilitating meaningful mentorship opportunities. Additionally, B Connect serves as a central resource for our growing career development resource bank, through which learners can access a range of materials to support their professional development, including resume writing, interview skills, and so on.


Brandeis Online learners can utilize the Handshake platform to share jobs and career advancement opportunities offered by employers in industries relevant to our programs.

Handshake gives you the chance to connect with students in your field of interest and to join discussions with your peers. Handshake also provides the tools needed for you to discover skill-enhancing resources and new career-building events in your area.

All matriculated Brandeis Online learners have access to Handshake. Get started today by logging in with your UNet ID and password on

Events, webinars, and presentations

Brandeis Online aims to offer events, webinars and other presentations throughout the year. These will include an industry-specific or career development focus, and are typically delivered by alumni or other Brandeis Online community members.