Academic Programs and Research

Students enrolled in various academic programs at Brandeis University have the opportunity to become involved in the research of the Feminist Sexual Ethics Project and/or take courses related to the project. Below, we've listed information for those of you wishing to explore the work of FSE further.

Students Working with the Project

The Feminist Sexual Ethics Project offers several options for students wishing to take part in the project's research. To inquire about openings for graduate and undergraduate research assistants, contact our Project Coordinator at

Academic Programs and Departments

For students looking to learn more about FSE's mission and the theory that surrounds it, the following academic departments offer useful programs whose courses offer great perspective on the field:

  • Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (NEJS) offers several courses in women's studies as well as a joint master's degree in NEJS and Women's Studies. (Read more.)
  • Women's Studies offers a Women and Gender Studies major; this program currently offers joint graduate degrees in several fields, including NEJS and Anthropology. (Read more.)

Related Research at Brandeis

  • The Women's Studies Research Center (WSRC) is an interdisciplinary think tank for scholars and artists in the field of women's studies. Programs include colloquia, lectures, conferences, art exhibits, performances and recitals. The WSRC houses the Hadassah International Research Institute on Jewish Women (HIRIJW); the Rebecca Clarke Society; Mistrabra: Israel-Diaspora Institute for Jewish Textual Activism; the Community, Families, and Work Program; and the Ernestine Rose Society.
  • The National Center on Women and Aging (NCWA) focuses attention on the special concerns of women as they age. NCWA develops solutions and strategies for dealing with these concerns and reaches out to women and organizations across the country, promoting the changes necessary to improve older women's lives.