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The Feminist Sexual Ethics Project does not endorse or recommend any of the resources listed but provides this listing as a service.

Beatrice M. Bain Research Group on Gender

on Strategies to Address "Crimes of Honour"

Notes: The "Project on Strategies to Address Crimes of Honour'' seeks to facilitate co-operation among activists, lawyers, academics and others regarding strategies to combat impunity for those responsible for 'honour' crimes and to challenge the climate of support for the practice amongst state institutions. The Project works closely with individuals in a number of different countries, in Europe, the Americas, South Asia and the Middle East. It has focused on cases of so called "honour killings," and other forms of violence against women, including interference with the right to marry, perpetrated in the name of "honour" of the family or the community. The Project website includes the Project statement, the Annotated Bibliography and the Directory on Initiatives to Address "Crimes of Honour'', which includes the contacts and brief descriptions of organisations and individuals working on the issue in different countries and regions and is being updated continuously. The website furthermore includes a number of publications and papers produced by the Project as well as other resource materials and links to organisations working on the issue.

Centre for the Study of Women in Society

Center for Women Policy Studies

Notes: Performs multiethnic and multicultural feminist research, policy analyses and advocacy that bring women's diverse voices to important debates - on women and AIDS, violence against women and girls, welfare reform, access to health care, educational equity, work/family and workplace diversity policies, reproductive rights and health.

Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Notes: A public policy research organization dedicated to informing and stimulating the debate on public policy issues of critical importance to women and their families.

The National Council for Research on Women

Notes: A huge alliance of women’s research and policy centres.

National Women's Studies Association
Notes: supports and promotes feminist/womanist teaching, learning, research, and professional and community service and serves as a locus of information about the inter-disciplinary field of Women's Studies for those outside the profession. Also publishes a journal containing current feminist scholarship.