Field Study

During junior or senior year, undergraduates may undertake a substantial research project in certain majors in lieu of four semester courses. Research may be conducted either on campus or in the field. Execution of the project may involve prolonged absence from the Brandeis campus at another institution, government agency or other organization.

The field study project must have the approval of the student's department of major. The project will be supervised by a faculty adviser assigned by the department, and a second member of the faculty will participate in evaluation of the student's work and the assignment of a grade. Work in the project may occupy a full semester or it may be of two semesters' duration. In the latter case, the two semesters must be consecutive.

Students may receive no more than four semester-course credits for field study, and may offer no more than two semester-course credits from the field study course toward the department's major requirements. Interested students should explore the possibility of field study in their majors with a faculty member in their major department.

Through affiliation with the School for Field Studies, up to four semester course credits may be earned for work at one of five environmentally-oriented study centers abroad. SIT Study Abroad also offers field study options off-campus.