More Information on IIM

For additional information and guidance in designing an IIM, contact the Office of Academic Services.

Independent Interdisciplinary Major


An independent interdisciplinary major (IIM) offers students with interdisciplinary academic interests the opportunity to pursue a self-designed course of study with the support of appropriate Brandeis faculty members and the approval of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Independent interdisciplinary major proposals include courses in at least two, and preferably more, departments at the university and form an integrated program focusing on some issue, theme or subject area not available within the context of existing departmental majors.

An independent interdisciplinary major must be declared before the end of the student's junior year. The faculty committee the student assembles for the IIM normally consists of three Brandeis faculty members, the chair of which must be from the faculty of arts and sciences.

Examples of recent IIMs include Visual Culture, Urban Studies, and Peacebuilding.

Additional information and guidance in designing an IIM may be obtained in the Office of Academic Services.