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Romance Studies

Last updated: August 28, 2009 at 11:17 a.m.


Edward Kaplan, Chair
French romanticism. Michelet. Hugo. Modern French poetry and theory. Baudelaire. Jabès. Bonnefoy. Religion and literature. Comparative literature. Translation.

French and Francophone Studies

Jane Hale, Undergraduate Advising Head for French (starting fall 2009)
French and comparative literature. Twentieth-century French fiction and drama. Beckett, Queneau. Literature and painting. Francophone literature of Africa and the Caribbean. Comparative literature.

Hollie Harder, Director of Language Programs
French language and culture. Language pedagogy. Nineteenth- and twentieth-century French literature. Women's studies.

Michael Randall, Undergraduate Advising Head for French
Late medieval and Renaissance poetry, prose, and philosophy. Comparative Literature.

Esther Ratner
French language and culture.

Martine Voiret
French language and culture.

Italian Studies

Richard Lansing, Undergraduate Advising Head for Italian Studies
Dante. Italian medieval and Renaissance literature. Modern Italian literature. Comparative literature.

Paola Servino
Italian language and culture.

Hispanic Studies

Jorge Arteta
Spanish language.

Mary Nasielskier de Burstin
Spanish language.

Dian Fox
Spanish medieval and early modern drama, poetry, and prose. Cervantes. Women's and gender studies.

Elena González Ros
Spanish language and language pedagogy.

Scott Gravina
Spanish language.

Olmanda Hernández
Spanish language and Hispanic cultures.

James Mandrell
Modern and contemporary Hispanic literature. Comparative literature. Women's, gender, and sexuality studies. Film. 

Raysa Mederos
Spanish language.

Lucía Reyes de Deu
Spanish language and culture.

Fernando Rosenberg, Undergraduate Advising Head for Hispanic Studies
Latin American and Latino studies. Comparative literature.


Course offerings of the Department of Romance Studies (ROMS) examine the languages, literatures, and cultures of countries and people who speak Spanish, French, and Italian with the aim of developing students' cultural and linguistic proficiency. Students will advance their knowledge of and respect for diverse traditions and become responsible and well-informed global citizens. Our faculty is particularly diverse and we pride ourselves in working closely with students. We contribute to numerous interdisciplinary programs, including Medieval and Renaissance Studies, History of Ideas, European Cultural Studies, Film and Visual Media Studies, Latin American and Latino Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, Religious Studies, Education Studies, International and Global Studies, Cultural Production, Theater Arts, and Comparative Literature.


For course offerings and requirements for the major, refer to the sections found elsewhere in this Bulletin for European Cultural Studies, French and Francophone Studies, Italian Studies, and Hispanic Studies. 

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