Did You Know?

Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism is the nation's first investigative reporting center based at a university.

International and Policy Centers


Crown Center for Middle East Studies

The Crown Center for Middle East Studies is intended to produce objective, dispassionate research regarding all aspects of the contemporary Middle East. Established with the help of the Crown Family Foundation, the center has a geographic scope that includes the 22 members of the Arab League, as well as Israel, Turkey and Iran.

Extending beyond Arab-Israeli tensions, the Crown Center's substantive scope will include Arab politics, Islamic studies, economic development and regional security and arms control.

Schusterman Center for Israel Studies

The Schusterman Center for Israel Studies, established in 2007, is dedicated to promoting exemplary teaching and scholarship in Israeli history, politics, culture and society at Brandeis University and beyond.

The center is committed to advancing knowledge and understanding of the modern State of Israel by training a new generation of scholars and teachers, building a vibrant academic community and supporting research, publications and conferences. It seeks to make Brandeis a hub for nurturing and catalyzing Israel studies.

  • The Jacob and Libby Goodman Institute for the Study of Zionism and Israel sponsors research, symposia and publications, as well as teaching, in the historical and ideological development of the Zionist movement and in the history, society and culture of the State of Israel.

Center for German and European Studies

The Center for German and European Studies pursues teaching, research and outreach to broader communities about the social, political and cultural issues involved in integrating diversity and difference in Germany and Europe in the new millennium.

Gordon Public Policy Center

The Gordon Public Policy Center is one of the nation's first interdisciplinary centers for the study of public policy.

International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life

The International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life develops effective responses to conflict and injustice by offering innovative approaches to coexistence, strengthening the work of international courts and encouraging ethical practice in civic and professional life.

Principal programs include a master's program in coexistence and conflict, institutes for international judges, a fellowship program for undergraduates involving international summer internships and public conferences, events and publications.

Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism

The Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism, the nation's first investigative reporting center based at a university, was launched in 2004. It enables working journalists to do long-term investigative projects on significant social and political problems that could lead to changes in public policy or opinion.

Institute journalists also work with Brandeis students who serve as research assistants, offering them an unusual learning opportunity to further enrich their education. The work of the journalists and students will help fill an increasing void in the American media, which are gradually abdicating their role as public watchdogs.