Class Correspondent

The late Hal Zinn was posthumously inducted into the Joseph M. Linsey Athletic Hall of Fame in March. The campaign to honor Hal and his contributions to the Brandeis golf team was spearheaded by Marty Zelnik and Steve Reiner. Walt Klores initiated a letter-writing campaign in support of Hal’s nomination that garnered more than 60 signatures from our classmates as well as strong support from golf team members. Also at the urging of Marty and Steve, a number of alumni from the Classes of ’60 and ’61 have reached out to Glenn Howells, who now lives in a nursing home. Glenn was Professor Myron Rosenblum’s graduate assistant in organic chemistry during our years and also served as Brandeis soccer coach and dormitory counselor. He can be reached at the Shady Lane Nursing Home, 2133 Napa St., Richmond, CA 94804, or by email. As Marty and Steve say, “It’s almost certain that if you remember Glenn, Glenn will remember you.” Stephen Bluestone reports that the Class of ’61’s “50th Forum” collection of personal essays and poems on the half-century life journey since Brandeis by 17 members of our class has been added to the Goldfarb Library’s digital archives and is now available to historians of the university.
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