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Alan Yoffie, a lawyer in Worcester, Mass., has written the first new Haggadah to be published by the Reform movement’s Central Conference of American Rabbis in a decade. “Sharing the Journey” is garnering accolades for its appeal to a diverse audience and stunning illustrations. As Alan explained to the Jewish Advocate newspaper, the goal was to create a guide for contemporary Jewish families at all levels of knowledge and observance. The brother of Eric Yoffie ’69, past president of the Union for Reform Judaism, Alan is a longtime lay leader in the Reform movement and a past president of Temple Emanuel of Worcester. Deborah Dash Moore served as co-editor with Marion Kaplan of “Gender and Jewish History,” which won the National Jewish Book Award in the anthologies and collections category. Written in honor of the late Yale religious studies professor Paula Hyman, the book brings together a wide-ranging collection of original essays that, in highlighting several aspects of her pioneering work, offer a fresh look, informed by gender, at modern history.
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