Class Correspondent

Yes, our gathering of classmates 60 years after graduation is coming up at Alumni Weekend. Mark your calendars!

In the “still dancing” category, Gigi Chazin Bennahum, P’92, reports she received the 2016 Distinction in Dance Award from the Society of Dance History Scholars for a lifetime of contributions to the field of dance studies. Gigi has written six books on dance history. Sheila Barrie Berlin lives in Florida. The Hamilton C Book Club had a mini-reunion in Boston: Jeanne Goldberg Bodin, Arnalee Haberman Cohen, Riva Kline Edelman, Mimi Michaels Goldman, Arline Schwartz Rotman and Lenore Sack, P’87, walked, talked, ate and reminisced about their days at Brandeis. David Cohen has become an accomplished painter. He is in contact with Jerry Josephs, P’85, who lives in suburban Los Angeles and loves retirement. David Goldberg is still playing golf three times a week, walking and working out. Ellen Hart Harriman summers in rural France in a house near an old-fashioned traveling circus with animals. She winters in Delray Beach, Florida, and has become active in a Unitarian church in Boca. Annette Liberman Miller is celebrating her 20th season at Shakespeare and Co. She recently played a 91-year-old in “4,000 Miles,” by Amy Herzog. Peter Ranis wrote “Cooperatives Confront Capitalism: Challenging the Neoliberal Economy,” a book that examines the emergence, historical place and ideological impact of worker cooperatives in the United States, Argentina, Cuba and elsewhere.

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