Radina Arnaudova, IBS MA’14, is a senior analyst at EY (Ernst & Young). Yousef Bashir, Heller MA’15, is an intern in the Capitol Hill office of U.S. Rep. Gerald Connolly, a Democrat from Virginia. In 2004, when Yousef was a 15-year-old Palestinian living in the Gaza Strip, he was shot in the back by an Israeli soldier. Yousef speaks widely about that experience. He emphasizes that, although the bullet came from an Israeli gun, the medical treatment, support and encouragement he received during his 16-month rehabilitation also came largely from Israeli Jews. “All of those little moments showed me their humanity, and I can’t get over that, ever,” he told a Washington Post reporter in March. Yousef studied conflict resolution and coexistence at Heller. He plans to devote his life to promoting peace among Israelis and Palestinians. Zhen Su, IBS MSF’14, is a market risk controller at JPMorgan Chase. Chen Zheng, IBS MBA’15, is an investment associate/finance at BlocPower, which works to bring energy efficiencies to underserved American inner cities.

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