Class Correspondent

Mike Shuffman Faust was appointed co-chair of the Westchester County Bar Association’s grievance committee. After more than 30 years as a matrimonial attorney, she is finally semi-retired. She and her husband, David, took their three children, their children’s spouses and seven grandchildren on a tour of South Africa last summer for their 50th anniversary. Helen Goldenberg writes, “Life in the Fort Lauderdale area involves going to meetings of organizations, going to cultural events, going to doctors (big activity for us retired folks) and going to dinner with friends. We also enjoy playing with our grandchildren, now ages 5 to 10.” Kiki Gould Martin is active with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, which advocates a fee-and-dividend solution to climate change that is revenue-neutral, nonpartisan and market-based. She enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends. Joan Michelson wrote “Bloomvale Home,” a chapbook of poems about the residents of an assisted-living home. Patricia Striar Rohner is writing “Shari’s Secret,” a sequel to her book “Tzippy the Thief.” She also wrote and illustrated a children’s book, “Willamena the Witch.” During the past academic year, Richard Weisberg, the Floersheimer Professor of Constitutional Law at the Cardozo Law School at Yeshiva University, lectured on Benjamin Cardozo’s judicial style, Shakespeare and the Jews, First Amendment theory and the 150th birthday of Dostoevski’s “Crime and Punishment.” He asks his classmates to contribute to a new project, “What Was and Remains Special About the Class of ’65,” by sending him your thoughts on the particular perspective of people in this class (not only at Brandeis), even compared to the classes just ahead of and after it. Email him at

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