What's next for these graduates? New York City.

Members of the Class of 2022, moving to the big apple after graduation, share their excitement for the future and how Brandeis has prepared them for what lies ahead.

Kyra Fischer sits in the labPhoto/Mike Lovett

Kyra Fischer '22 plans to pursue both her passions in New York City.

There are countless reasons a recent college graduate might want to head to New York City.

If they went to Brandeis, they’ll find a huge support network. With one of the largest Brandeis alumni network clubs in the United States, New York City is a great location for students embarking on their next chapter — life after graduation.

“Don’t be afraid to reach out to connect with your alumni network,” said Jessica Goldberg ’96, president of the Alumni Club of New York. “Alumni love to form those personal connections. Whether it’s help with a job search or applying to graduate school. Don’t hesitate.”

Several members of the Class of 2022 will be moving to New York City after graduation. They shared their excitement for the future and how Brandeis has prepared them for what lies ahead.

Discovering her own path

Kyra Fischer ’22 followed her sister’s footsteps to Brandeis, but found her own path when she reached campus.

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Fischer chose Brandeis because of its proximity to Boston and commitment to Jewish values. An added bonus was that her sister, Liat Fischer ’20, was on campus to share the experience.

“She is two years older than me, so we were both on campus for two years,” said Fischer. “It was great getting to share that experience.”

Fischer quickly found her own way, joining the pre-dental society, Brandeis Orthodox Organization, SPECTRUM and Chabad Club at Brandeis. She knew she wanted to pursue a career in dentistry, but didn’t want to give up her passion for art. She found professors who encouraged her to find a way to pursue both.

“Professor Catherine Della Lucia and Professor Tory Fair were mentors to me throughout my Brandeis experience,” she said. “They helped me solidify that I can use my hands in my career, in both art and dentistry.”

Fischer, who majored in biology with a minor in studio art, plans to pursue a career as a dentist while continuing to create art as a passion project.

“It’s my dream to have my own art hanging up in my office one day,” she said.

But before applying to dental school,  she wanted to try living in a new city for a year. Through her connections from Brandeis, she found an opportunity to work at RMA of New York City as a fertility coordinator. Along the way she had help from one of her biggest supporters, her sister.

“One of my sister’s classmates at Brandeis referred me to the clinic because I wanted to gain experience in the healthcare system,” said Fischer. “I think it’ll be a good starting point in my career.”

Fischer is looking forward to beginning her new chapter, and discovering her own future in New York City.

“I can’t wait to roam around the city and make it feel like my own.”

Jessica Daniel
Photo/Mike Lovett

“I want to work to make sure what’s missing today becomes second nature to tomorrow’s society," said Jessica Daniel '22.

Fighting for tomorrow’s rights

When Jessica Daniel ’22 began her experience at Brandeis, she didn’t know where the future would take her. After taking two law courses with Associate Professor of the Practice in Legal Studies Daniel Breen, she found her passion.

Civil rights and civil liberties focused on rights that didn’t originally exist in society. I realized that people needed to fight for the rights that we have today that feel second nature,” said Daniel. “Because of these classes I credit Professor Breen immensely. He opened me up to the idea of going into law.”

The sociology major with a minor in legal studies and Near Eastern and Judiac Studies is from New Jersey and knew she wanted to return to the area to begin her career in law.

“I love the Boston area and I’m so grateful for the four years I got to spend here,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to live in New York City though, because I grew up exploring the area.”

Daniel used Handshake, a Hiatt Center resource, to find full-time role. After a long interview process, she secured the position as a paralegal at Walden Macht & Haran, a law firm in the area.

“The team was very interested in learning more about my Brandeis experience throughout the interview process,” she said. “I knew right away that I could see myself starting my career there.”

Daniel looks forward to moving into the city and starting her new role.

“It’s amazing to me that our laws are living and breathing things that continue to evolve,” she said. “I want to work to make sure what’s missing today becomes second nature to tomorrow’s society.”

Jasmyne Jean-Remy
Photo/Mike Lovett

Jasmyne Jean-Remy's internship lead her back to New York City.

Returning home for a new chapter

Jasmyne Jean-Remy ’22 didn’t know where she wanted to go after graduation, but she knew her goal — finding a career in software engineering. The computer science major with a double minor in business and politics found her coursework always kept her feeling inspired.

“I’ve always known I wanted to go into software engineering. Taking courses with Professor Pito Salas really solidified my interest,” she said.

Originally from Queens, New York, Jean-Reamy didn’t envision returning to the city. New opportunities led her back.

She secured an internship at Publicis Sapient during the summer of her junior year in New York. After a successful summer working with other interns on an advertisement management software for a large supermarket company, she was offered a full-time position after graduating.

“I originally wanted to explore opportunities in Washington, DC, Atlanta and other cities,” said Jean-Remy. “But I couldn’t pass up the amazing offer, so I decided to return to New York City.”

While the city is home to her, Jean-Remy looks forward to starting her new chapter.

“I’m ready for a new change of pace,” she said.

As for advice for current and incoming students, Jean-Remy urges them to look beyond the classroom.

“I always recommend students learn other programming languages on their own,” she said. “Use your skills from class, but take the time to create your own projects.”

Taking weight off the transition

Kevin Gold ’22 attended Brandeis to study at the Brandeis International Business School. With the help of his professors and diverse coursework, he broadened his horizons on the opportunities in the world of business.

After taking courses with Professor of the Practice of Marketing in the Brandeis International Business School Grace Zimmerman, Gold knew he wanted a career in marketing. He started to think about different opportunities throughout the industry, but discovered his true niche in marketing research with professor Jane Ebert.

“I always thought I wanted to be in a creative role, but realized that when you’re the one analyzing data, you have a better understanding of your client,” said Gold. “Doing case studies in class really showed me my passion for research.”

Graduating with a business major and minor in economics, Gold will be moving to New York City to work as a marketing analyst at FMCG Direct. Originally from Brooklyn, he believes returning home will ease the nerves of an exciting time.

“It feels like a weight is lifted off this transition from school to the real world.”

He looks forward to being close to family, friends and other Brandeis students moving to the city.

“I’m excited to hear that a lot of my other classmates will be moving to New York City. I look forward to spending time with both Brandeis community members and friends from home.”

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