Department of Politics

Declaring the Major or Minor

Normally the major is declared during the second semester of the second year.

Review the politics section in the Brandeis University Online Bulletin for requirements for the undergraduate major.

Students are strongly encouraged to take two or three politics courses during their first two years at Brandeis. These courses, which will count toward the nine-course major requirement, are normally best selected from among the introductory courses.

Declaration Process

  1. Download and complete the Major/Minor Declaration Form (pdf). Instructions for completing the form are provided in the pdf file.
  2. Stop by to meet with the director of undergraduate studies Professor Zachary Albert during his office hours (see faculty page), to discuss course offerings and opportunities within the politics department.
  3. Drop off your completed form with Rosanne Colocouris in the politics department office.


For the Politics Major
  • List nine courses in politics, four of which will complete your subfield distribution requirements (American, international, comparative, political theory). Of the nine courses, at least one must be a seminar taught within the department.

These courses do not bind you in the future but are simply the courses you plan to take if they are available at the time you wish to take them. You can always informally revise your courses within the framework of the major requirements. You don't need to submit additional major forms if you change your planned courses.

For the Politics Minor