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Are you interested in business, but also in history, literature, political science or other liberal arts subjects? Most universities offer one or the other, forcing you to choose between business and liberal arts. At Brandeis, you can bring together the best of both worlds.

Our business curriculum builds on the strengths of the Brandeis International Business School. At the same time, the business minor includes courses from across our liberal arts departments, such as history, sociology, philosophy and American studies.

The minor program allows you to earn your bachelor's degree in the liberal arts or science field of your choice, while also gaining a broad understanding and practical exposure to business.

How to Declare

The business minor welcomes all students who wish to augment their liberal arts education with a brief but sophisticated overview of business issues.

Satisfactory completion of the minor is noted on the student's permanent record and transcripts.

To declare the minor, you must have already completed, or be currently enrolled in, Business Fundamentals, BUS 10a.



The business minor requires six courses

Core Courses

Additional Courses

Note: You MUST earn a grade of "C" or above to count toward your minor in your core and all Business Administration electives. "C-" is the minimum grade you must earn in your Business and Society courses. No courses taken pass/fail will count towards the Business minor.