Six studio courses (to be picked in sequence with advisor) selected from FA 3a-FA28a; FA110a or FA110b; or a cross-listed course with approval of an advisor.

  • Applications to Senior Studio: Minors are able, but not required, to apply for consideration to be accepted into one semester of Senior Studio, FA 110a or FA 110b, in their last two semesters of study. Interested students should submit an application to the Undergraduate Advising Head no later than two weeks before early registration begins for a particular term. Minors approved by the UAH to enroll in Senior Studio will receive an invitation to take the course before early registration begins. The Senior Academic Administrator will approve permission requests in Workday. Students enrolled in Senior Studio will receive dedicated studio space in Epstein.
  • Students may take one course in the Division of Creative Arts outside of the Fine Art Department (cross-listed courses) to satisfy one course requirement.
  • No more than two transfer courses can count toward the minor.
  • All courses taken for the minor must receive a final grade of C- or better.
  • Majoring in art history with a minor in studio art is permitted (two of the studio minor courses can count toward the art history major).