The Feminist Sexual Ethics Project does not endorse or recommend any of the resources listed but provides this listing as a service.

Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry at Pacific School of Religion

Address: 1798 Scenic Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709
Phone: (510) 849 8206/ (800) 999 0528

Notes: Equips religious leaders and communities to minister in a compassionate and just manner. Research, conferences, public education and leadership training.

Christian Lesbians Out Together (CLOUT)

Address: 3653-F Flakes Mill Road, #306 Decatur, GA 30034

Notes: A coalition of Christian Lesbians in solidarity with one another, working to stop oppression and encourage coming out. Holds conferences and celebrations, has nation-wide contacts.

Conference for Catholic Lesbians

Address: P.O. Box 436, Planetarium Station New York, NY 10024

Notes: Works to promote visibility and speak out against discrimination, create community and provide resources to the community (archival, pastoral, etc).

Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Address: P.O. Box 7337 Libertyville, IL 60048
Phone: (847) 573-8210
Fax: (847) 573-8211

Notes: Organisation that studies and sets forth what it sees as the Biblical view of sexual complementarity.

Episcopal Divinity School

Address: 99 Brattle Street Cambridge Massachusetts 02138
Phone: (866) 4EDS-NOW

Notes: Theological training school. One of the areas of emphasis in their degree programs is Feminist Liberation Theologies.

The Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community

Address: Black Church and Domestic Violence Institute 1292 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd #100 Atlanta, GA 30310
Tel: (404) 758-0019
Fax: (404) 758-9619

Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Catholics

Address: 3424 Wilshire Blvd., Second Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90010
Phone: (213) 637-7337
Fax: (213) 637-6337

Women’s Ordination Conference

Address: P.O. Box 2693, Fairfax VA 22031-0693
Phone: (703) 352-1006

Notes: Works for the ordination of women as priests and bishops.