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The Deep River of Song: Alabama
Rounder Records CD 1829
"Go To Sleep"(Little Baby) - Harriet McClintock
"Hush, Little Baby" - Annie Brewer
"Come Up Horsey" - Vera Ward Hall

Afro-American Folk Music from Tate and Panola Counties, Mississippi Rounder Records CD 1515
"Go to Sleepy, Baby" - Mary Mabeary, vocal (1971)
Recorded in Mississippi by Alan Lomax in 1942 and by David and Cheryl Evans in the early 1970s. Edited by David Evans. 23-page brochure.

Highway Mississippi - Delta Country Blues, Spirituals, Work Songs & Dance Music. Southern Journey V. 3: 61. The Alan Lomax Collection
Rounder Records CD 1703.
"Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby"
As "sung by Mrs. Sidney Carter"(Rose Hemphill Carter). She was the daughter of a source singer, Sid Hemphill, a favorite singer of the collector Alan Lomax. Recorded in September 1959 in Senatobia, Mississippi.

Afro-American Blues and Game Songs
Rounder Records CD 1513
"Poor Little Johnny" - Harriet McClintock
"Go to Sleep" - Harriet McClintock
Recorded in the southern states by John and Alan Lomax and others, 1933-41. Edited by Alan Lomax. 16-page brochure.

Voices from the American South - Blues, Ballads, Hymns, Reels, Shouts, Chanteys and Work Songs Southern Journey V. 1. Alan Lomax Collection
Rounder Records CD 1701
"Mama's Gonna Buy" - Vera Ward Hall
Recorded in 1959 by Alan Lomax in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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