Brandeis International Business School

In addition, Brandeis International Business School research focuses on trends in technology and innovation, as well as international trade issues.

The research centers and institutes at the Brandeis International Business School are as follows.

Asper Center for Global Entrepreneurship
The Asper Center for Global Entrepreneurship serves as Brandeis' platform to probe and understand the key trends affecting entrepreneurship across cultures and borders. The Center was established in 2006 by Leonard J. Asper '86.

Perlmutter Institute for Global Business Leadership
The Perlmutter Institute for Global Business Leadership, established in 2008 by Brandeis Trustee Louis ‘56 and Barbara Perlmutter, prepares students for leadership positions in the global corporation of the future or in the nonprofit sectors. It focuses on political economy, public/private partnerships, and practical skills as key elements in building successful global careers.

Rosenberg Institute of Global Finance
The Rosenberg Institute of Global Finance seeks to analyze and anticipate major trends in global financial markets, institutions and regulations and to develop the information and ideas required to solve emerging problems. The Institute was founded in 2002 by Barbara C. Rosenberg ‘54 and Richard M. Rosenberg.

Regional research centers round out Brandeis International Business School's centers and institutes:

The Asia-Pacific Center for Economics and Business conducts research, teaching and outreach on business and economic issues in the Asia-Pacific region and on U.S.-Asia Pacific relations.

Other initiatives currently underway spotlight Latin America, Israel, and other dynamic, entrepreneurial economies, further expanding students’ access to global business leaders and their global knowledge and engagement.