Thank you to all the faculty, staff, students, and scholars who made the 2009 Brandeis PossePlus Retreat a success.

Posse Plus Retreat


Each year, Brandeis hosts the Brandeis Posse Plus Retreat.  Held in conjunction with the Posse Foundation, the retreat is an opportunity to promote dialogue on campus about contemporary events.  Past retreat topics have included:  The American Dream; Social Responsibility; and Education: Money, Power, Respect.   The retreat is held off campus on Cape Cod, and each year, it attracts over 100 students, faculty and staff. Students who have participated in past retreats have described the event as "powerful" and that sensitive issues were brought up and that we were forced to discus them. People were had to listen and had to be heard. It is very important that we all learn about each other and are willing to keep an open mind."