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At the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, we encourage researchers to apply for funding, participate in workshops, and engage in the research process at every stage.

The list below is not a complete list of opportunities. For more comprehensive funding opportunity searches the library now provides access to an aid for locating and securing research funding. Pivot™ answers the growing demands on research developers to quickly discover the right funding opportunities and effectively collaborate with their colleagues. Enter search terms or browse by keyword to explore the latest funding opportunities and research trends. Brandeis Researchers can create an account to manage active or tracked funding opportunities, save searches, share opportunities, and save funding records and funding searches.

Here are some additional resources about Pivot:

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For Faculty & Staff

July 15, 2022

Supports research on the cognitive, linguistic, social, cultural and biological processes involved in human development across the life span — illuminating the developmental processes that support individuals in living productive lives as members of society.

July 15, 2022

Supports doctoral research that digitally records and documents languages — with an emphasis on endangered languages — through the preparation of lexicons, grammars, text samples and databases, advancing linguistic theory and the study of language.

July 15, 2022

Supports research on human language — encompassing investigations of the properties of individual human languages and natural language in general — and the intersections of linguistics with cognition, society and other areas of science.

July 15, 2022

The program encourages projects that are interdisciplinary in methodological or theoretical perspective, and that address questions that cross disciplinary boundaries, such as (but not limited to):

  • What are the psychological processes involved in the production, perception, and comprehension of language?
  • What are the computational properties of language and/or the language processor that make fluent production, incremental comprehension or rapid learning possible?
  • How do the acoustic and physiological properties of speech inform our theories of language and/or language processing?
  • What role does human neurobiology play in shaping the various components of our linguistic capacities?
  • How does language develop in children?
  • What social and cultural factors underlie language variation and change?

July 15, 2022

The Social Psychology Program at NSF supports research and research infrastructure to advance basic knowledge in social psychology. Projects funded by the Social Psychology Program support the NSF mission to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; and to secure the national defense. Proposals considered by the Social Psychology Program must communicate both the intellectual merit of the science and its broader societal impacts.

August 19, 2022

NEH is again holding its Summer Stipends competition and the revised guidelines have been posted on the Endowment’s website. The award is in the amount of $6,000 for the summer of 2023. Brandeis may nominate two faculty members for this award. Faculty who would like to be considered for this nomination should submit a one-page description of their proposed research to Josette McWilliams by August 19, 2022. The final deadline for nominees to submit for this year’s competition is September 21, 2022.

August 31, 2022

The application phase for the 2022 research grants has started for projects on artificial intelligence, drug discovery, chemical synthesis and sustainability. Send in your research proposal now.

October 13, 2022

Approximately 50 early-career faculty will be invited to participate as Fellows, with early career spanning the time from the first year on the faculty through recently post-tenure. To nominate yourself or another early-career scientist, please contact the program director or use the Scialog Fellow Nomination Form.

Becoming a Scialog Fellow positions the awardee for future research awards in the same Scialog field.

This is one of the world’s most renowned gatherings on science & technology covering a broad range of topics from healthcare, life sciences, digitalization, material sciences, energy, mobility and new ways of working together. The conference also features the awarding of the 1 million euro Future Insight Prize. Check out the renowned speakers panel, secure your ticket now and submit your abstract for presentation.

For Students

The Undergraduate Research and Creative Collaborations Office (URCC) recently launched ForagerOne, a new integrated system and searchable database, to connect undergraduates with research opportunities and faculty mentors. Detailed information including instructional videos are available for students who are interested in undergraduate research fellowships and grants, paid research assistant jobs, and faculty mentors; and faculty who would like to connect with students and potential faculty collaborators at Brandeis. To get started, undergraduates and faculty can visit ForagerOne, click on “Log In” in the top right, select Brandeis from the list and log in with your Brandeis credentials. If you have any questions, please contact Margaret Lynch.

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers many resources for graduate student fellowships and grants.

Links to resources curated to support undergraduate research.

Brandeis University's Hiatt Career Center provides opportunities to support your research. See especially the Internship and Research Grants.

Financial support for research is available at Brandeis. Find targeted information for social scientists about external funding opportunities, and the staff on campus who can assist.

Find out more about opportunities across campus to fund your research and creative work.