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Brandeis condemns the terrible violence against policemen in New York, and extends our sympathy to the families and friends of the victims. Brandeis seeks at all times to be a space that empowers honest and open dialogue on difficult subjects, including issues of race and law enforcement. Unfortunately, one of our students posted comments in social media that were hurtful and disrespectful, inconsistent with our institutional values. 

We are equally dismayed that individuals responding to the initial comments have posted reprehensible racist and threatening comments.  While we in no way condone the original posts, we likewise are appalled by efforts to diminish speech and instill fear in our students.

Brandeis remains a community built to support social justice and embrace intellectual inquiry. We encourage a fair and thoughtful discussion on these issues, free of threats.


What is a Brandeisian?

An individual who is intellectually curious and enjoys a diversity of academic pursuits and extracurricular interests. One who thrives in a diverse vibrant community of individuals of distinct political, social, and ethnic backgrounds. Together, Brandeisians create a uniquely collegial and social campus in which the opinions and viewpoints of others are valued and respected. Brandeisians are socially responsible and take pride in leaving the world a better place than they found it.

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