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Starting June 24, Workday will replace BUSS for a variety of functions, including entering time worked, requesting time off, updating your personal information, viewing your payslips and more. Please review the following information to prepare for Workday.

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Log in to Workday using your Brandeis account (username and password); same login you used for BUSS. You can access Workday from on or off campus using any computer, tablet or smartphone that has an internet browser.

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There are several ways to get support and learn more. Visit the Workday@Brandeis Support page for more information.

About the Workday at Brandeis Project

The Workday@Brandeis Project will bring Brandeis's administrative services in line with its excellence in teaching, research, and practice. In July 2019, the team launched the first phase of the Workday@Brandeis Project, focusing on HR, Payroll, and Finance processes. The transition to Workday provides our University community with real-time reporting, standardized business processes, and optimized administrative functions.



Brandeis has used the administrative software PeopleSoft to manage human resources, payroll, and finance operations since 2002. Due to the unique needs of our administrative business units, PeopleSoft systems were highly customized over the years. These customizations added a layer of complexity to our administrative systems, making system upgrades and modifications challenging and disruptive for our vendors and staff.

Workday offers a different software model, offering configurable frameworks that works with our own data. No coding is required. Workday delivers automated updates to Brandeis twice a year without causing disruption to the University's normal business procedures.

What is Workday?
Workday is used for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This system manages HR, payroll, and finance business processes. It is designed to minimize reliance on paper and manual workarounds. Workday is modern and web-based and will standardize our HR and payroll process.
Why Workday?
After a yearlong ambitious and inclusive review process, Brandeis has determined that Workday is the best system to meet the University's current and future operating requirements. By choosing Workday, the University will receive numerous benefits not available with traditional, on-premise software applications.

Workday offers new and improved features and process that will help the University
  • Collaborate more easily and improve communication and cooperation across campus
  • Provide easy and consistent access to information for planning and managing
  • Modernize business process and systems to take advantage of emerging technologies
  • Minimize administrative overhead for faculty and staff
  • Increase effectiveness in business process and lower operating costs
  • Improve student, faculty, and staff user experience
On July 1, 2019, faculty and staff will use Workday to:
  • View and update Home Address and Contact Information
  • View and update Emergency Contact
  • View and update Federal W-4 withholdings
  • View and update Direct Deposit Information
  • View Paychecks
  • View W-2 Information
  • View current benefit elections
What's Workday

What Is Workday?