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Advisory and Planning Committees

Advisory Committee

  • Cynthia Cohen, Director, Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts
  • Kim Conaty, Rose Art Museum
  • Mary Fischer, Sustainability Programs
  • Stephanie Grimes, Assistant Dean of Students
  • Todd Pavlisko, Studio Art
  • Deborah Rosenstein, Music
  • Ingrid Schorr, Office of the Arts (chair)
  • Dmitry Troyanovsky, Theater Arts
  • Derron Wallace, Sociology

Planning Committee

  • Mary Fischer, Sustainability Programs
  • Hannah Mitchell '17, Theater Arts
  • Allie Morse ’10, Social Media and Digital Content Specialist, Office of Communications
  • Deborah Rosenstein, Concert Program Manager, Music Department
  • Nina Sayles '17, Music
  • Ingrid Schorr, Director, Office of the Arts (chair)
  • Jamie Semel '17, Theater Arts
  • Robbie Steinberg '14, Department of Student Activities
  • Carla Underwood, Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences 
  • Elba Valerio, Program Coordinator, Intercultural Center
  • Vivek Vimal, GSAS (Neuroscience)
  • Leanne Winn, Rose Art Museum

Office of the Arts
Ingrid Schorr, Director
Brooke Granovsky '18, Editorial Assistant
Eva Bennett Rosenberg, Project Manager
Jamie Semel '17, Programs Assistant