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For information about the Brandeis Encore Series, contact:

Beth Bernstein, MA'90
(781) 736-4190

To request an Encore program, contact:

Dania Khandaker
Department Coordinator

Each Encore program costs $20.

The Encore Series

Bringing You the Best of Brandeis

Through shared learning with the Brandeis University community, The Encore Series utilizes videotaped presentations of renowned Brandeis faculty and guest speakers discussing a variety of subjects—programs that appeal to the student in each of us.

The DVDs can be screened in small-group settings or can easily be projected for larger groups. The Encore Series includes the DVD and discussion questions.

Anil's Ghost
By Michael Ondaatje


Winning author Michael Ondaatje transports us to Sri Lanka, a country steeped in centuries of tradition, now forced into the late twentieth century by the ravages of civil war. Into this maelstrom steps Anil Tissera, a young woman born in Sri Lanka, educated in England and America, who returns to her homeland as a forensic anthropologist sent by an international human rights group to discover the source of the organized campaigns of murder engulfing the island.

By Marilynne Robinson


Ruthie narrates the story of how she and her younger sister Lucille are raised by a succession of relatives in the fictional town of Fingerbone, Idaho. Eventually their aunt Sylvie (who has been living as a transient) comes to take care of them. At first the three are a close knit group, but as Lucille grows up she comes to dislike their eccentric lifestyle and moves out. When Ruthie's well-being is ultimately questioned by the courts, Sylvie returns to life on the road and takes Ruthie with her. Take a look at the questions Brandeis students received.

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