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Project Planning and Design

Project Budget Management

Project Construction Management

Upon the completion of construction documents, establishment of a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) or construction cost, and development of a proposed project schedule, and subject to the approval of university leadership and the Board of Trustees, the construction phase of a project may commence.

The construction phase may include, but is not limited to:

  • Bidding and Awards: Any post-bid negotiations will be conducted in accordance with the goals of the project as previously established.
  • Document Management and Communication: Project managers (PMs) ensure the flow of communication both outgoing and incoming between the construction manager, designer and end user and properly track communications.
  • Meetings: PMs shall conduct routine construction and design meetings to ensure the proper coordination of the project, with a goal of keeping the project on budget and on schedule.
  • Issues and Request for Information: PMs shall maintain records of requests for information, memos to the designer and applicable information pertaining to issues and changes. PMs shall represent the university in any disputes or problems as they relate to the construction of the project.
  • Field Directives and Change Orders: PMs shall track field directions and approved and pending change orders. This shall include descriptions of work, contractor-versus-designer-versus-owner-initiated changes and directives in accordance with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) rules. All changes must be approved by the owner or the owner’s representative.
  • Contract Change Orders: PMs shall, in conjunction with the vice president for capital projects and senior administration, coordinate the administrative review of any changes that may result in delays in schedule. Upon the establishment by the construction manager and contractor of a project schedule, PMs shall track and coordinate the baseline schedule and periodically update the project timeline, as required and agreed to by the construction manager, contractor and/or architect.
  • Payment Submittals: Submittals shall be in the form prescribed by the Office of Capital Projects and processed in accordance with requirements of the university’s controller’s office.
  • Field Documentation Records: PMs shall maintain appropriate reports and photo documentation of projects and receive “as built” drawings and appropriate inspection reports and records.
  • Project Completion: PMs shall coordinate and track the final project completion, which may include “punch lists,” prepared by the architect, contractor and owner/owner’s representative, negotiations regarding final payment requisitions, and financial close-outs for the project.