Department Events

Department Meeting

University departments host a wide variety of events across campus, ranging from small department meetings to large multiday conferences.

If you are new to the event-planning process and have a large-scale event to plan, the Comprehensive Event Guide may be a valuable resource. This guide was created by academic administrators for academic administrators and offers insight into planning major events that goes beyond the scope of Conference and Events Services. This guide may not be necessary for smaller events. 


General Policies

Reservations are managed by Conference and Events Services, and reservation forms are sent out via e-mail to the appropriate department. A department point person for the event is responsible for contacting Conference and Events Services to plan the event and communicate all details. 

Once all details have been added, an updated Reservation Form will be sent to the department. The point person must review the form for accuracy, obtain the necessary signature and chargeline (when appropriate) and send the form back to Conference and Events Services at least five business days before the event date.

For more information please visit the following links:

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> Food and Beverage

> Audio/Visual

> Event Signage and Parking